The PI.EFFE.BI. SRLs is a simplified limited company, with registered office in Isernia Via XXIV Maggio, 235 the same was formed in February 2014, with the aim to develop and implement two ideas that materialize in a web platform to market, to a base cost of 5 cents to label, a range of innovative and competitive services on the market.

The Web platform “” was made based on two ideas, concerning:

1) The rintraciabilità and anti-counterfeiting products in defense of Made In, a real identity card.

2) The ability to provide all objects an essence that bind them to events for which the same objects have got to be. The object then becomes narrator of the event itself, through the description of the event with support for images and video.

The above is developed through the use of special type QRCODE labels, RFID, etc …, to give life to the spread of an innovative product that combines the needs of supply and demand of the end user and what kinds of public service utility, to be allocated to one of the communication channels most widespread internationally: the web.

The main services of PI.EFFE.BI.

Label Interactive: The service provides access to content that the traditional label are not possible, highlighting the history, culture, traditions and events updated in real time. In addition it gives the possibility to the end customer to leave comments directly to the manufacturer.

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability: Using a sophisticated pairing combined unique codes, checks and store them in a database stored on a server dedicated to us, releasing the certifiability product.

Interactive menu: from each course you can let the customer know with text, images and videos, the history, culture and art of the places of origin of the raw materials used, in order to increase tourism in the places in question. You can also tie the menu for an event

Card – Service: the digital identity card of your vehicle and beyond. A ‘label that allows you to access different information, such deadlines (insurance, road tax, audit …) and registration of all coupons, extraordinary interventions, tire change, bills …)

Subject Live: The service by which it is possible that an object can tell the story for which he got to exist, think of a medal, a trophy, a candy, but today you can not remember the event to it tied.

Other services are:
consulting and logistics management of inventories.

professional organizer, which aims to help individuals and businesses to take control of their environment, their time, their paper and their ways of life.