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“Opes Food & Design” is a new brand created by the collaboration of young Molisani, with which several product lines have been created, combining design objects with high quality foods contained in them, the idea was to meet the vision first and then the palate

“Opes Food & Design” consists of two product lines for the moment:

“Opes Naturae”:


food products packed in glass jars and contained in a small box of attractive design, currently on the market, have been launched with 7 types, exactly:

Truffle sauce
Whole Truffle
Sliced ​​Truffle
Truffle paté
Acacia honey with truffles
Truffle butter
Truffle oil















































“Opes Dei”:

Vino e Olio







Wine and Oil packed in 750 ml Ceramic Anforums, on the market, were launched with 3 types, namely:

Amphora red color wine containing “Molise Rosso Doc” wine
Anfora red earth color containing organic wine “Terra degli Osci”
Amphora red earth color containing autochthonous wine Molise “Tintilia 2013”
The oil will be launched shortly, we will update you later.



















































































































The site will be available shortly, in the meantime you can view the following Facebook page
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