Logistics warehouse: PFB can provide advanced consulting in the field of warehouse logistics. The warehouse has a significant impact on the service level (must ensure adequate response times, with structures and processes that minimize errors and damages) and operating costs (on average about a quarter of the total logistics costs); is therefore evident that it should not be seen as a cost of more or less inevitable but as a lever for competitiveness. The modern warehouse has become a “machine” rather complex and advanced confluence of technologies and material handling; For this reason, its design and / or its optimization must be addressed with appropriate levels of competence and professionalism. The main areas of intervention: Performance optimization of the warehouse by defining the processes, organization and operating procedures, layout and means (also considering the convenience of automated systems), equipment and computer media. The interventions, which address both the Reorganization (and / or expansion) of existing warehouses both the design of new stores, may be conducted according to varying degrees of detail: from the feasibility study to the Project Management, through the Executive Project; Analysis and definition of the organizational structure for the definition of the organization, the Job Description and Operating Procedures; Audit of warehouse activities based on the analysis of the structure and articulation of the costs, the identification and evaluation of the most important KPI on the definition of improvement actions and performance targets; Masterplan for the rationalization of warehouse space, the verification of possible lines of development as a function of growth prospects; Analysis of the work in the warehouse, conducted with a view to continuous improvement and devoted to the study of the operational processes, the identification of critical steps or low added value and calculation of productivity with modern detection tools; Analysis of start-up assistance and convenience of software for the warehouse with the drafting of the technical specifications / functional assistance for product selection and supervision to commissioning; Dynamic simulation, carried out with the aid of advanced software verification and targeted projects or installations that are high in automation (systems, storage, sorting and transportation); Analysis regarding the outsourcing of the warehouse based on the definition of the correct operating procedures, contractual aspects, the tariff structure and KPIs to manage with the Third Party; Design and installation of logistics dashboards, created with Business Intelligence techniques for the control of KPI stock; Training (using technical coaching, on the job, etc.).’s Warehouse staff on best practices and the logic of continuous improvement. Anti-counterfeiting, Traciabilità, Transparency, Sharing, Interactivity, Multilanguage, Information (History – Art-Culture): PFB provides a web platform can ensure the protection of production, counterfeiting of trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and protected designations of origin. A system of registration and data collection of the entire production chain. The platform QLRcode (Logo Quick Response code) is the solution to bring together in a single container of the Users global demand, supply Companies – Companies – Craftsmen, common requirements and rules of the Association of National Bodies, in order to they can be processed by the PFB, which will provide different services to the same figures above. The PFB QLRcode through the platform is able to: Making unique and authentic each single product on the market; Allows the geolocation and tracking of the distribution network; Monitor the place and date of sale to the consumer of each product; Notify timely information regarding the purchase of products not authentic; Ensure the verification of the authenticity at the time of purchase; Provide all information related to the product such as the characteristics, the production lot and each specifies that the manufacturer intends to communicate to the consumer, including any certification; The recipients of the services will be able to interact and share reviews on products, through a Social Network dedicated; The platform provides all services in multiple languages​​. Immortalizes your event: PFB QLRcode with the platform from the ability to give an essence of all objects that tie them to events for which the same objects have got to be. The object then becomes the narrator of the event, through the description of the event with support for photo and video. Sale of advertising space: PFB with QLRcode platform provides advertising space and a tank of users, the social network, targeted messages to target products more palatable. E-commerce: PFB on its website provides a platform for the sale of your products.