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Maxi-blitz NasMaxi-blitz dei Nas

Maxi-blitz NasMaxi-blitz dei Nas


seized 800 tons of food
In the focus of controls in particular products: fish, dairy, meat, bakery and cereals, soft drinks and beverages
Rome, July 26, 2014 – Maxi-blitz which Nas police, in accordance with the general direction of the Ministry of Health, gave rise, in recent days, unavasta action of monitoring food to protect the consumer.

NUMBERS OF CHECKS – The Nas oltre2.600 inspections performed against the entire food chain (production, distribution and catering) detecting irregularities in 28% of inspected facilities. During the inspections have been established more than 1,200 violations of national and EU regulations governing the hygiene and food safety, 800 subjects reported to the competent authorities (of which 90 are taken to court), high administrative penalties for 900 thousand euro .

The activity has allowed to subtract from the tables of Italian restaurants and over 800 tons of food.

PRODUCT FOCUS – Products: seafood, dairy, meat, bakery and cereals, soft drinks and beverages) of unknown origin, were found in very poor sanitary conditions, stored in improper environments, with the presence of obvious signs of alteration or expiration dates overcome, for a total value of more than EUR 1 million.
Forty-six facilities (stores, restaurants, bakeries, activities’ production and sales of various foods, etc.). Closed due to serious irregularities sanitation and dozens of other structures are being considered by the Authority.

Treviso and Padua – Special importance have taken the activities performed by Nas Treviso (which following a report of a consumer about the presence of parasites within a package of frozen mushrooms proceeded to the seizure of more than 14,000 health care packages of mushrooms at the manufacturing plant located in the Treviso province) and the Padova Nas (who have seized more than 1,100 kg of expired food for a few months and re-labeled with expiration dates counterfeit).

EYE TO FISH – A particular effort has been placed in tests for those companies whose activities could pose a danger to the health of the consumer, in view of the considerable influx of tourists.
In this context, the control of fish production is of particular importance: the inspection activities carried out in this field have made it possible to seize more than 140 tons of fish, held in a poor state of preservation or stored in unauthorized sites.

In particular, we highlight the operations performed by Nas in Cosenza (for 9 structures devoted to processing, manufacturing and marketing of fish products has established the absence of the required authorizations and sanitation and structural deficiencies, for which it has been ordered closure) and Nas Foggia and Padua which have closed two activities of wholesale and storage of fish.

sequestrate 800 tonnellate di alimenti